Methodist Enough? | Talbot Davis

Yes. This.

Kasper-Ratzinger III: Synod Is Latest Battleground for Two Theological Heavyweights

Echoes of United Methodist debates in this story about Roman Catholics. They have their own version of the local option.

‘Sell me this pen:’ The real answer to The Wolf of Wall Street’s challenge

A story about evangelism. Sell me this Jesus?

The Remaking of a Modern Mind: A Conversation with Thomas Oden

“I think you know that I went to seminary not to serve the ministry of the Church, but to use the Church as an instrument of political change. Now, when I was doing that, I didn’t understand what I was doing, but it took me a while to learn that there was something much deeper than political action – to which I was deeply committed in my young years.”

United Methodist Worship: Three Communion Practices to Quit Doing

New Room Report | Bishop Mike Lowry