A period of rest

This summer will be a time of great transition for me personally. I never took a blogging break in Lent, as I often do.

For at least the rest of May, and perhaps longer, I’m going to sign off from blogging to better focus my spiritual and mental energies in other places.

I will miss writing and interacting with you during this time.

Grace and peace.

New Room Conference 2015


Wendell Berry on divorce


Wendell Berry: “Undoubtedly, some marriages are wrong, some divorces right. But it must also be understood, I think, that the possibility of breaking a vow can tell us nothing of what is meant by keeping one. Divorce is the contradiction of marriage, not one of its proposed results.”

Why Not Gay Marriage? | TGC


I have struggled with whether to take a leave the world to the world line on this issue. DeYoung argues well against that inclination.

No Room At The Table For Centrists – United Methodist Centrist Movement


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