‘Sell me this pen:’ The real answer to The Wolf of Wall Street’s challenge


A story about evangelism. Sell me this Jesus?

The Remaking of a Modern Mind: A Conversation with Thomas Oden


“I think you know that I went to seminary not to serve the ministry of the Church, but to use the Church as an instrument of political change. Now, when I was doing that, I didn’t understand what I was doing, but it took me a while to learn that there was something much deeper than political action – to which I was deeply committed in my young years.”

United Methodist Worship: Three Communion Practices to Quit Doing


New Room Report | Bishop Mike Lowry


Bishop’s Blog: Ordinations online?


Getting an online ordination separates you from the UMC. Not oppression or injustice. Just is. Blog post from 2013 before a dust up this year in Michigan.

(h/t: Keith McIlwain)

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Arminianism – OnFaith


“Many self-styled Arminians view the problem of sin as merely the problem of guilt (to be forgiven), and not as a severe malady involving deadness, blindness, and rebellion. For these Arminians the gospel message can be made effective simply by a winsome presentation that appeals skillfully to reason and goodwill.”