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“Many self-styled Arminians view the problem of sin as merely the problem of guilt (to be forgiven), and not as a severe malady involving deadness, blindness, and rebellion. For these Arminians the gospel message can be made effective simply by a winsome presentation that appeals skillfully to reason and goodwill.”

Do Christians sin?

John Meunier:

A post from a few years ago on a question that is still with us

Originally posted on John Meunier:

A letter to the editor in the latest edition of The Interpreter raises an old but an important issue.

I agree that, in the eyes of God, one sin is not worse than another. I don’t agree with the statement, “We are all sinners.” (Letters, March/April) The term “sinning Christian” is a misnomer. If Christ doesn’t save us from our sins, then his sacrifice on the cross was useless.

Among the early Methodists the question of whether a Christian could sin was an important one. John Wesley wrote about it often. It is one of the many issues where careful reading of Wesley shows a nuanced understanding of sin and the work of grace. Let’s look at some of what he wrote.

The keystone Scripture for Wesley was 1 John 3, specifically verse 9: “Those who have been born of God do not sin” (NRSV). He wrestled most explicitly with…

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What We All Agree On, and What We (Probably) Don’t, In this Sanctification Debate | TGC


We Wesleyan Methodists don’t agree on point four in the list of things that the Reformed Gospel Coalition puts forth. We believe there is a kind of perfection offered in this life, although not one free of failures and mistakes.

We have answers to the 15 questions they don’t agree on as well.

If I get some time, I would like to write in this some more.

What I see us sharing with The Gospel Coalition is an emphasis on grace and a pastoral concern about the twin dangers of legalism and antinomianism.

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Story for me high highlights distinction United Methodist doctrine tries to make. These two men support and care for each other but do not engage in sexual activity. By our doctrine, as I understand it, they are doing what we ask of all unmarried people.

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NT Wright gave a talk at Google.