Find this John Wesley quote

Len Sweet tweeted and facebooked the following quote that he said is often attributed to John Wesley:

It seems God is limited by our prayer life. God can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks Him.

This does not sound like Wesley to me. First, he did not often use the word “humanity,” if at all. Second, I don’t recall ever reading Wesley write anything similar to this about prayer. Google has lots of hits for this quote, but none I’ve checked make reference to a specific Wesley writing.

Anyone know where this comes from?


2 thoughts on “Find this John Wesley quote

  1. Tough one, it doesn’t sound like Wesley to me either. God is always doing something for people in the form of grace, so Wesley would disagree with the first part, but clearly an exhortation to prayer is vintage Wesleyan. Sounds like a hodgepodge to me so I’m interested in its original form too, if it exists.

    I searched various operators here but Wesley repeats those words so often I ran outta time perusing them.

  2. It may have been de-sexed to “humanity” somewhere along the way, but “God can do nothing for man” (or “naught for man”) doesn’t come up with anything either.

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