Almost Christian

Will Grady asked if I could put together a summary post that links to all the posts my daughter and I have written about Kenda Creasy Dean’s book Almost Christian. That is an excellent idea, so here they are.

If you only have time to read one set of these, read my daughter’s. This whole father-daughter book blog idea was just a way for me to get her to write about the book.

Each post is about a different chapter in the book.

My posts


My daughter’s posts


2 thoughts on “Almost Christian

  1. John, I just came across your blog. I am a Free Methodist pastor and so often “As goes the UMC, so goes (perhaps later) the FMC. I laud your calls for integrity, holiness of heart and life, and a return to the purposes for which God raised up the people called Methodist. God yet has a clear calling, our mission to fulfill. Blessings.

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