That Wesley guy wasn’t kidding around

Say not then in your heart, “I was once baptized, therefore I am now a child of God.” Alas, that consequence will by no means hold. How many are the baptized gluttons and drunkards, the baptized liars and common swearers, the baptized railers and evil-speakers, the baptized whoremongers, thieves, extortioners? What think you? Are these now the children of God? Verily, I say unto you, whosoever you are, unto whom any one of the preceding characters belongs, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the works of your father ye do.” Unto you I call, in the name of Him whom you crucify afresh, and in his words to your circumcised predecessors, “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?”

— John Wesley, The Marks of the New Birth

It was one of the first things that hit me between the eyes when reading John Wesley’s works the first time: The man was not playing around. His faith was not a nice little thing he kept off to the side. It was all consuming and it was serious. He also was not out to win friends.


3 thoughts on “That Wesley guy wasn’t kidding around

  1. John, bless you again for raising another vital question: “Have we forgotten Depravity?” We have a sin problem. I fear we have cheapened the powerful meaning of grace because we have forgotten what we are saved from–spiritual darkness and eternal separation from God. Followers of Christ should be the most humble people who ever walked planet earth.

  2. I keep this invitation from Wesley handy–it reminds me from whence I came and where I am headed!

    “You ungodly one who hears or reads these words…I charge you before God, the judge of all, go straight unto him with all your ungodliness. Take heed you destroy not your own soul by pleading your righteousness… Who are you that now sees and feels both your inward and outward ungodliness; You are the man for me! I want you for my Lord. I challenge you for a child of God by faith. The Lord has need of you. You who feels you are just fit for hell are just fit to advance his glory: the glory of his free grace, justifying the ungodly and him that works not. O come quickly. Believe in the Lord Jesus and you, even you, are reconciled to God”. John Wesley, “Justification by Faith”

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