This blog started in 2007 as a place to explore Wesleyan theology and raise questions about United Methodism. In January 2014, I outlined some of the writing goals of this blog this way:

First, a negative, I am going to avoid writing about the issues of the day in United Methodism. It is not because I think they are unimportant, but because I don’t see any way for what I write on these issues to change or help the conversation. Learning to let things be said and happen that I don’t agree with will be quite a challenge. As my son likes to kid me, I have a hard time shutting up when I think someone on the Internet is wrong about something. But these conversations by their very nature seem to be confrontational and combative. I’ve not figured out a way to enter them without taking sides and falling into “us vs. them” dynamics. Others can do such things without doing violence to their souls, perhaps. I find that I cannot.

Second, I am going to take up Bishop Carter’s invitation and blog reflections each week — sometimes each day — about the chapters in Luke-Acts.

Third, and building on that, I will do more lectionary blogging, writing thoughts, reactions, and responses to the texts that I will be preaching each week. I will also reflect some on worship and discipleship issues that I’m wrestling with.

Fourth, I will continue to write some about John Wesley, putting him in dialogue with contemporary writers and some theological and pastoral issues that press on my mind and heart.

Finally, I will share the questions and challenges I am encountering in my growth as a pastor, student, family member, and Christian. One of the hazards I have discovered while becoming an “influential” Methoblogger has been the seductive pull to write as if I am much more of an authority than I am. I repent of that. I’m working this all out and a long, long way from perfection.

As for the personal stuff: I am a 46-year-old nearly life-long Hoosier. I teach writing courses to the young and soon to be upwardly mobile students at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. I also serve as a part-time local pastor in the UMC at two churches in Lawrence County, Indiana.

My wife, Lisa, and I have been married 25 years. Luc, 10, lives with us. Zach, 24, is a graduate of American University and working in campaign politics. JillAnn, 21, is pursuing an MDiv at Wesley Theological Semiinary.

Contact me at johnmeunier at Gmail.