Passing the test

How can the work of a pastor be thought of as getting people ready to pass their final exam? (Rev. 20:11-14)

John Wesley on worship

“In divine worship, (as in all other actions,) the first thing to be considered is the end, and the next thing is the means conducing to that end. The end is the honour of God, and the edification of the Church; and then God is honoured, when the Church is edified. The means conducing to that end, are to have the service so administered as may inform the mind, engage the affections, and increase devotion.”

— John Wesley, from his commentary on the Roman Catholic catechism

Wendell Berry on divorce

Wendell Berry: “Undoubtedly, some marriages are wrong, some divorces right. But it must also be understood, I think, that the possibility of breaking a vow can tell us nothing of what is meant by keeping one. Divorce is the contradiction of marriage, not one of its proposed results.”

Fish on method vs. non-method in education

Stanley Fish comments on the two cultures of educational reform in America. He notes that the reigning impulse undermines attention to the things that our discipline strives to teach.

NT Wright and Methodism

I’m curious if any of you have a similar experience.

The more I read N.T. Wright, the more I see that Methodism grew out of Anglicanism. Almost everything he writes reminds me of John Wesley. I know Wright is not a Methodist, but I see how we United Methodists are the theological descendants and cousins to Anglicans.


Just a thought … generous orthodoxy

I’ve seen a few cases of United Methodist bishops using the phrase “generous orthodoxy” in recent weeks.

I wonder if maybe they talked about this at the bishop’s retreat. Or maybe it is a coincidence. It is not an uncommon phrase, but it seems to be popping up recently.