Fish on method vs. non-method in education


Stanley Fish comments on the two cultures of educational reform in America. He notes that the reigning impulse undermines attention to the things that our discipline strives to teach.

NT Wright and Methodism


I’m curious if any of you have a similar experience.

The more I read N.T. Wright, the more I see that Methodism grew out of Anglicanism. Almost everything he writes reminds me of John Wesley. I know Wright is not a Methodist, but I see how we United Methodists are the theological descendants and cousins to Anglicans.


Just a thought … generous orthodoxy


I’ve seen a few cases of United Methodist bishops using the phrase “generous orthodoxy” in recent weeks.

I wonder if maybe they talked about this at the bishop’s retreat. Or maybe it is a coincidence. It is not an uncommon phrase, but it seems to be popping up recently.

3 rules for inspiring messages


Carmine Gallo shares in this video 3 rules for making message more inspiring. It is well delivered and helpful.

Steve Jobs driving a hard bargain


Court case leads to release of interesting e-mails that show how Steve Jobs negotiated with major publisher over prices of e-books.

It is an interesting look at a real case of business communication.

HBR: How to tell a story with data


How to Tell a Story with Data