Sacrifice and the survival of the church

Mike Breen laments the way celebrity, consumerism, and competition is killing the church. His post comes to the conclusion that what we need to offset these forces is sacrifice.

If we think through Celebrity, Consumerism and Competition, the anti-body against all of these is sacrifice. Learning to lay down what builds us up and giving to others instead. “Learning to serve, rather than to be served.” Looking for anonymity rather than celebrity. To build a culture of producers rather than a consumers. To live in a vibrant, sacrificial community fighting a real enemy rather than competing against the same community God has given us to fight WITH rather than AGAINST. It’s about sacrificing what we want for the glory of God and the advancement of his Kingdom, regardless of our advancement or desires.

As I read his post, I was reminded of John Wesley’s frequent warnings that without discipline and self-denial Christianity would fail to take root and grow. I also remember Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s discussion of cheap grace. I even recall Jesus speaking of a narrow way.

It seems the problems the church faces never really change.