A dispatch from the desert

I have had an odd experience these last couple of weeks of lectionary blogging. It has weakened my sense of nourishment from Scripture. This has never happened with my blogging before, but at this time, right now, I am finding that blogging the lectionary readings has turned my study and reading into a means to an end.

And that has left me with a sense of dryness.

At the same time, thoughts and ideas crowd in about other topics to write about. I have even started writing posts that would violate my Lenten discipline, only to delete them before finishing.

It may be that I am just experiencing the trials and temptations of any fast. It may be something deeper is going on here.

At any rate, this is a report from the midst of Lent. May God sustain you in your observance.


What this blog is not

I’ve had a bit of time in the car this weekend. One of things I was thinking about was this blog.

Of late, it seems, I have been coming across as if I am setting myself up as an authority on matters of Methodism and Christianity in general. Nothing could be farther from my intention. More than any of you know, I do not consider myself an authority on anything.

Rather, I have always intended this blog to be a place where I explore and offer my thoughts. I never set out to say anything more or less than “This is how things appear to me.”

I’m writing this post as a way to remind myself and mark a renewed commitment to the spirit that has animated my blog and my writing for these last couple of years. I write to learn, not to pontificate. I’ll try to remember that as I go forward.

As always, thanks for reading. Please keep up the conversation.

Happy for 100,000 hits

This blog passed a milestone today. It recorded hit number 100,000. That is a big number, but not very big in the blogosphere for a blog that has been up and running this long. Still, I would be lying to say I have not been watching the count climb to that point.

One of the most curious things about writing a religiously themed blog and being a part-time pastor is the conflict between the two roles. A lot of the most interesting things in my faith are not fair game for the blog. Much of what happens that is interesting and illuminating is also confidential.

I think sometimes this leads the blog to be too intellectual and as a consequence – as I am poorly trained theologically and only an amateur intellectual – somewhat trivial. My musings about doctrine and dredging up little gems from my collected works of Wesley hardly advance the work of Christ in the world.

The point of all this rambling is that I’ve been wrestling with the nature of the blog. Should it be more personal? Would being more personal somehow violate other commitments? Is the time I spend on it better spent on other things?

I do not know.

I do, however, appreciate those who read the blog and those who comment. Thank you.