Trapped in the belly of the UMC


I wrote an intemperate post last night after district meeting. It was venting and not constructive, so I have taken it down. It was also unfair as my DS did give us an challenging sermon in the Wesleyan tradition.

I do believe we need to reform in significant ways our systems of meetings. But that post was little more than a screed.

Forgive me my trespasses.


Please explain Bledsoe vote

With the news that the South Central Jurisdiction has voted to retire Bishop Bledsoe against his will, I hope we will get some accounting of how he failed.

Accountability systems that have mysterious standards of success do not work. Please tell us why he was not deemed good enough to merit a new term. Be explicit.

End of Jurisdictions?

Indiana UMC Bishop Mike Coyner asks whether the day of the jurisdiction as a piece of United Methodist polity should be numbered.

What Will Become of Jurisdictions?

The post includes some interesting history and proposals. He suggests electing bishops at General Conference, but with each region still picking its own. It got me wondering if our denomination would be served by getting rid of regional control and having bishops elected by the entire church.

Whether you like that idea or not (which Coyner is not advocating, btw), the bishops raises some interesting points.