Divorce in a global church

The Liberia Conference of the United Methodist Church recently upheld a rule prohibiting clergy who are divorced from the office of bishop.

Here is a thoughtful article that raises good questions about the implications of this ruling for the global nature of the United Methodist Church. It has obvious parallels to other debates with in the church.

For my part, I hope the questions raised in the article are addressed by the Judicial Council at some point.

3 thoughts on “Divorce in a global church

  1. Your last line of hope that the Judicial Council will address this (and similar) issue is exactly what I was thinking. The author of the helpful article (Darryl Stephens) said “General Conference must decide how much local variance to allow in this worldwide polity”, but it would seem to me that the Judicial Council should have a primary ruling. All that said, Darryl Stephen’s forthcoming book sounds like a pertinent read!

  2. They got it wrong on divorce. No reason to try to now make two wrongs the norm for what is right.

  3. I heard someone who was United Methodist from Africa comment that the reason they have no problems with divorce, there, is because they have polygamy. Totally different paradigm than America.

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