A statement from African bishops

Here’s a statement issued by a meeting of 11 of 12 active United Methodist bishops from conferences in Africa.

(Someone out there help me out by tallying how many United Methodists these bishops shepherd.)

Thanks to Creed Pogue for helping with the following. These bishops lead “4,392,638 professing members in 2013 or about half again as much as the Northeastern, North Central and Western Jurisdictions combined.”

Read the whole statement at the link, but here is a passage that spoke strongly to me:

One of the functions of the Bishops of the church is to “maintain the unity of the church”.  As leaders of the church, we believe that there are far more important issues that unite us than issues of sexual orientation. As a church, we are called to be in solidarity with people who suffer as a result of unjust political systems, wars, famine, poverty, natural disasters, diseases, illiteracy , etc. We believe that we can be united around these issues rather than allow ourselves to be ripped apart by issues of sexual orientation.


6 thoughts on “A statement from African bishops

  1. 4,392,638 professing members in 2013 or about half again as much as the Northeastern, North Central and Western Jurisdictions combined.

    1. Then let them start paying the bills.

      You think the fact that they have more members means something. The church is not growing the rest of the world because we continue holding to the bigotry and exclusive practices so prevalent in Africa.

      Growth, at the expense of welcome and equality is not worth having.

      1. How much longer do you think “we” will have the money if we continue melting? Do you even accept that we are melting?

        Do you see where calling our African brothers and sisters “bigoted” might not lead to dialogue? If it is just about making you feel better, that is one thing. But, it isn’t going to do anything for the rest of us.

        But, then, you don’t seem to be big on civility when it comes to those with whom you disagree:



  2. The African bishops have thrown down the gauntlet. They have declared themselves regarding biblical marriage and sexuality in the strongest language I have seen from the United Methodist episcopacy. There’s no equivocation here, no embarrassment, no circumlocution. There is only boldness and clarity regarding what’s faithful to Scripture and what’s not. Clear your head. Get into the details. Repent if necessary.

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