Kasper-Ratzinger III: Synod Is Latest Battleground for Two Theological Heavyweights


Echoes of United Methodist debates in this story about Roman Catholics. They have their own version of the local option.


3 thoughts on “Kasper-Ratzinger III: Synod Is Latest Battleground for Two Theological Heavyweights

  1. I see what you mean but there are important differences aren’t there? The two Cardinals have always been known to respect one another professionally and personally, and to treat the ideas of the other person with respect albeit disagreement. I don’t always see those qualities in the UMC debates. And I believe the situations in the two church groups would be more similar if the African voices in the UMC, which I am told are more traditional, were heard more clearly. In the RC church traditionalists, i.e., Cardinal Ratzinger, carry much more power and influence than any dissident person or group. While he is gracious Cardinal Ratzinger always had the Pope and magisterium on his side. My impression is that the two sides on these types of issues are closer to one another in power and influence in the American based UMC and this tends to produce conflict. Allowing non-American voices to speak would shift this balance and perhaps then allow a dominant group to listen more graciously to other opinions.

  2. And as conservative observers have noted, the Western press strikes the historic (touchy) essentials that conflict with the press-generated narrative of Pope Francis as a reformer. We can expect the same skewed coverage of GC-2016. The press wants to report that we are gathering in Portland to reform the church no matter what.

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