He had me at ‘gelatinous core’

Drew McIntyre is aghast to run across an account of a church practicing a “somewhat non-theistic” form of worship.

Read about it here. Bonus points if you sing the closing hymn out loud.

2 thoughts on “He had me at ‘gelatinous core’

  1. What happened to Anglicanism? Such a beautiful liturgy and a wonderful faith, all seems lost.

    And to answer my own question, I thought the American Episcopal church lost the battle when it failed to discipline Bishop Spong or Bishop Pike (I think that was his name, not sure he was a bishop). They brought an articulate confusion, packaged it attractively, and stepped into the limelight to sell it as orthodoxy. The church did nothing in response. Now there is nothing left but confusion and heresy. So sad. This Catholic and fellow Christian is asking you, please don’t let this happen to Methodism. This must be the calling of your time.

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