Could this make us pitch perfect at #GC2016?

If you are interested in the latest proposal to get the United Methodist Church out of the wilderness, here is a link to its web site.

This is how Good News Magazine described the plan on its Facebook page:

The Covenantal Unity Plan is a proposal to restore covenant accountability and compliance, while providing a way for those who can no longer live under our current Book of Discipline to exit the denomination with their property and pension. The CUP plan is a revision of proposals first made by Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. David Watson, now co-authored by Rev. Dr. Jeff Greenway and Rev. Dr. Greg Stover. The CUP plan establishes an entirely new, global accountability process for bishops. It provides a mandatory minimum penalty for clergy who perform a same-sex marriage. It tightens the requirements for “just resolutions” and the Counsel for the church. And it provides a simple mechanism for churches and clergy who cannot in good conscience live with the church’s policies to leave the denomination with their property and pension.

The purpose of the CUP plan is to preserve and enhance the unity of the church. “If The United Methodist Church is to remain one denomination, it will be necessary for us to decide together that our teachings, policies, and decision-making processes really do matter. If we cannot affirm this, then we may be a loose confederation of churches, but we do not constitute a church. Any denomination needs to be “United” by more than an uneasy compromise between rival groups with incompatible views. Authentic unity must be grounded in doctrine, discipline, and Kingdom-centered mission.”

The plan is called CUP for Covenantal Unity Plan. For some reason, that makes me think of this song, which has the virtue that it actually gets lots of people to do stuff together.

I wonder if we could get the entire General Conference delegation to do that?