What if it was all an illusion?

A colleague posts some piercing and heart-felt questions about the United Methodist Church:

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve spent my entire adult life devoted to a fantasy, something real only to me. Oh, not God – we’re not going there – but, the Church. Is the Church (more pointedly, is The United Methodist Church) what I’ve maintained it is and labored to make it? Or was it just something that existed in my head, and when I quit believing in it, things will go on quite well without my delusion?


2 thoughts on “What if it was all an illusion?

  1. Great post. What the author should allow for is “death”…death of the individual, death of the institution, death to all our plans and schemes. It’s okay to accept that we die, because there’s also the promise of forgiveness and resurrection. We must accept, however, that “we will be changed.” Don’t hold on to the husk of this life so desperately.

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