Sex we accept, sex we don’t

From the above linked post comparing fornication with homosexual sex.

“So here is the main point at which I am driving. Christians have no chance whatever of challenging homosexual behavior with integrity unless they start with the sexual sins of heterosexuals. We cannot take a morally credible stand against the sexual sins of the small minority of the population if we condone the sexual sins favored by over 90% percent of the population. If fornication is okay, if casual divorce is no big deal, then it rings utterly hollow to try to take a loud (or even a quiet) stand on homosexual behavior.”


One thought on “Sex we accept, sex we don’t

  1. In the midst of a pervasively secular culture twisted by evil many, even those who follow Christ have become calloused to sin. Now in the name of that theologically groundless secular value called tolerance we are supposed to swallow a similar excuse making theology that that same pervasively secular culture will find palatable. Ah… no. That many have managed to look the other way when it comes to heterosexual sin is irrelevant as an argument to excuse much less accept as normal homosexual sin.

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