40 questions, lots of answers

Reformed blogger, writer, and pastor Kevin DeYoung has written a post asking 40 questions of those who feel pulled to embrace the rainbow flag and consider themselves to be a “Bible-believing Christian, a follower of Jesus whose chief aim is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.”

The post has generated a fair amount of response. Here’s one blogger who has collected some of those links and offered her own.

Somewhere in here is an interesting small-group study. I think some of the responses reveal that they are not really from DeYoung’s target audience — evangelicals. For instance, the writer who says Paul was a cult leader who blunted the revolution of Jesus probably would not meet most definitions of evangelical.

But these are still interesting questions and responses that could be the basis of deeper and more prayerful conversation among those who are interested in such things.


4 thoughts on “40 questions, lots of answers

  1. Such question lists tend to be one sided and rhetorical. That’s fine because writers gets to make their own points.

    If inclined to use Kevin DeYoung 40 questions as conversation starters, let me suggest balancing them with Matthrw Vines’s 40 questions coming at this from the opposite side of the SSM-affirming vs. non-affirming debate. While of opposite opinion on same sex marriage, both DeYoung and Vines are self-professed evangelicals with high view of scriptural authority.

    Vines guest post is here:

        1. Wilson states here and elsewhere that slavery is less concerning and sinful than homosexuality. Not sure he’s best responder to lift up.

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