It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy – Fredrik deBoer – POLITICO Magazine

Mods, progs, Bishop Talbert, whoever. Explain how we argue against this with the parts of the Bible and tradition you would leave us?

Please note: Politico is not a wacko extremist site. It is mainstream and widely read.


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  1. Why stop there? What would be the arguments against child marriage, multi-party marriage, incestuous marriage (since procreation is no longer a component of marriage), marriage to an AI or an animal or any other form you can dream up?

    1. Author of article uses consent as distinguishing feature. Some of your examples would pass that test and some would not.

  2. For those who advocated for gay marriage they have won the legal argument. Now they might be asked what they are against and just how and where they draw the line. My guess is that they will be unwilling to say since the “love trumps everything” argument applies across a broad spectrum. The slippery slope is real.

  3. Polygamy is already a serious issue for some of our fellow United Methodists. I have been paying particular attention to the situation in Kenya (where I have two United Methodist pastor-friends). Recently in Kenya, the government passed a law which allows a man to marry a second (or third) wife, without telling his first wife. Of course, my pastor-friends and other Christians were opposed to this development. Some Kenyan feminists tried to promote “marriage equality” by asserting that women should have the same “right”–to marry more than one man.

    Child marriage is also a significant problem in many parts of the world. “The elders” (a group that includes people like Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter) have set a goal of eliminating child marriage.

    Personally, I believe the United Methodist Church needs to begin focusing on marriage as a GLOBAL issue. When school girls in Nigeria are kidnapped and forced to marry, do we consider those valid “marriages”. If/when they have children, does that change the situation? These are serious issues that we need to seriously consider.

    Gay “marriage” is the tip of the iceberg.

  4. God is non existant.. the bible is babble written by man to dominate others.

    People are born gay, they are not born polygamists. The guy who wrote that article is a typical RW wacko chauvinist

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