What makes Methodism unique?

From John Wesley’s journal in August 1789:

I then met the society, and explained at large the rise and nature of Methodism; and still aver, I have never read or hard of either in ancient or modern history, any other church which builds on so broad a foundation as the Methodists do; which requires of its members no conformity either in opinions or modes of worship, but barely this one thing, to fear God, and work righteousness.


2 thoughts on “What makes Methodism unique?

  1. John – I appreciate the nuggets you mine from Wesley’s wrigings. Couple of thoughts on this one. 1) Interesting that in 1789 JW was speaking of English Methodism as a “church,” implying independence from the Church of England. and 2) I am ignorant of whether there were non-CoE members in the early Methodist movement in England. Were active members of dissenting churches also participating in the early Methodist societies? The quote takes me back to the question of “church” or “movement”.

    1. I noticed that word, too. A few pages earlier in his journal he remarks in the fact that the conference discussed separation from the COE and agreed not to. I don’t know about dissenting members. I do know he often mentions being invited to preach at dissenting meeting houses. I assume dissenters were welcomed in the societies, but don’t know any numbers.

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