Dear John: The great truths

A letter to John Wesley I wrote six years ago.

John Meunier

My Dear Mr. Wesley,

I read today a letter you wrote to a certain lady in 1771. In it you shared with her your thoughts about why Methodism had failed to take hold in Edinburgh. You wrote that ministers in that city had steeled the people against the preaching of your Methodist itinerants.

In the letter you advise this lady that if anyone can ever persuade her “by plain Scripture and reason” of a more excellent way than that preached by Methodists, she should follow it straight away.

And then you write:

But I think it will not be easy for any one to show us, either that Christ did not die for all, or that he is not willing as well as able to cleanse from all sin, even in the present world.

You call those the great truths.

We United Methodists have quite a time sorting out our…

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