Don’t blame the blade

I would remind those who cite Scripture as the rationale for their resistance to same-sex marriage to acknowledge the following. Scripture was cited to support prohibitions against the ordination of women, the validation of the enslavement of blacks, support for racial segregation, and resistance to interracial marriage.

— Gil Caldwell, UMR Commentary

Jack the Ripper used a scalpel to murder women in London. Should we not let surgeons use scalpels then?

If the Bible is a means of grace meant to lead us into holiness, then the question is not whether some people have used it to support bad arguments in the past. The only question is “How is the Holy Spirit using scripture right now to lead us into holiness?”


6 thoughts on “Don’t blame the blade

  1. (1) You quoted but deflected his argument rather than engage it.
    (2) You lifted up a new question but did not answer it.
    (3) Still I’m happy to answer your question: I think the Holy Spirit is leading us into holiness: (a) by increasing our capacity to love the LGBTQ community previously outcast and oppressed, (b) by leading evangelical scholars with high view of scripture to see beyond traditional prejudice to God’s true love for all, (c) by bringing forward church and civic embrace of marriage equality so that gay folks have a path to sexual morality within commited relationships (just like us straights) thus enabling sanctifying grace in their married lives, (d) by bringing forth the amazing witness of faithful gay Christians who love God and even church no matter the past mistakes of the church, and (e) for the testimony of evangelicals like Asbury professor (retired I think) Steve Harper who witnessed to a Spirit inspired change in his heart and call to unity in his amazingly graceful book For the Sake of the Bride..

    And for those who find it hard to believe the Holy Spirit would bless these gender-nonconforming social outcasts, please look to your Bible for the Spirit’s baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dave. I don’t think he’s actually making an argument. He is hinting at some associations and trying to imply guilt by those associations.

      In reading your responses I am not clear what your definition or understanding of holiness is. Could you help me out with that?

  2. Our Methodist quadrilateral has been insidiously effective in one way: producing boundless rationalizations for every kind of sin imaginable.

  3. Only by twisting and re-interpreting the Scriptures are people able to use “Scripture” to “support” racism or “disprove” the validity of the ordination of women. Just like Bible revisionists are now twisting and re-interpreting the Scriptures to “support” same-sex marriage. God in His word is very plain in calling homosexuality a sin.

    In leading us in living holy lives, The Holy Spirit will never lead us to do or to endorse anything contrary to the word of God.

  4. Gil Caldwell also said this
    “It is God whom I worship and adore, and who embraces me with God-love. It is God who is “original” and not Scripture (“The new math”). If I affirmed the “authority of Scripture” as you and others seem to do, then to do so would separate me from God. It is God and not the Bible that is my authorizing Source. The “word of God” is a Word, much more
    than that contained in the written words of Scripture. how sad it would be if Christianity died a slow death, because some adherents of the faith are more wedded to Scripture than they are to God.”

    If scripture is inconvenient then ignore it.

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