Poem: On the water

No one should inflict bad poetry on the world, but the only way to improve is to try and try again. You have been warned.

This is in common meter. You could sing it to the tune of Amazing Grace or O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing.

The Mother of Moses
In Pharaoh’s land where death did reign
And life was hard as stone,
My rescue she bought with her pain;
Adrift I went alone.

What love is this that sends a son
Out on the heedless deeps?
She trusts that God will see it done,
That whom he calls he keeps.

For God gives life and bends an ear
To ev’ry cry of woe.
So we who trust him in our fear
Can conquer ev’ry foe.


4 thoughts on “Poem: On the water

  1. John, a mutual friend mentioned I should follow your blog. I have been enjoying it, but typically don’t comment. This I have to comment on as it was just what I needed to sing tonight. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your poetry with the world.

  2. Thank you, John. Vulnerability is difficult to reveal on many levels and you have given us a beautiful example on many levels.

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