God’s message to us in the book of Revelation is that in the present we are not always going to win; our lives will not always be characterized by triumph. That is a lesson hard to accept — in fact, impossible — except that it is balanced on the opposite side with this hope: eventually we will win because Christ reigns. These poles …. cannot be brought together because of the intervening reality of opposition from the powers of evil. …


Many twenty-first century Christians find these convictions almost impossible to accept. Instead they have espouse a theology of “victory, healing, luxury, and blessedness” that The Revelation does not teach. God does not promise us a rose garden — at least not one without legions of thorns. And there are many roses in life, they fade, too — with the promise that they will come again next season. …


The Revelation teaches that God always gives victory eventually, but that the meanwhile entails suffering.

— Marva Dawn, Joy in Our Weakness


2 thoughts on “Eventually

  1. That word “eventually” resonates with me too. For martyrs who have their lives abruptly snapped off must experience this term differently than saints who endure into senescence. (I’m not going to say this very well, but…) “Eventually” has to mean justice for martyrs, but what does it mean for saints who are moldering in front of their blaring TV sets?

    1. We experience suffering in different ways, yes? The church who leaves the saints to molder should feel the conviction of your question.

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