Thanks, Chad, for a good idea

Chad Holtz reports on how his ministry has been impacted by not blogging or reading about the controversies in the UMC.

And praise be to God we have seen the fruit of such labor!   In the past 12 weeks we have baptized 13, brought in 29 new members (with more coming this Sunday), reshaped the vision and focus of our Sunday worship from a traditional, gospel feel to a more modern/contemporary feel, and increased community awareness about the recovery ministry we are gearing up to launch in November which promises to transform hundreds if not thousands of lives in our county starving for such a holistic, Christ-centered ministry.   I don’t share any of this to boast but to simply yet loudly announce this to my colleagues living in cyber space on both sides of this issue:   Get off the computer and get to work!   


One thought on “Thanks, Chad, for a good idea

  1. In Joachim Fest’s childhood memoir of the Nazi era (Not I), he recounts that his family risked arrest (or worse horror) secretly listening to British broadcasts as a reality comparison, because the official sources were propagandist and elliptical and deceptive. There’s reason to stay tuned in these fissiparous times.

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