Suffer for the name #LukeActs2014

I will show him how much he must suffer for my name. (Acts 9:16, NIV)

I wonder if they invite Jesus to those recruitment events designed to lure young people into the ministry. Do they talk about suffering and hardship at those things? Jesus sure did.

In this encounter with Saul, I notice how little wooing is being done here. Jesus has no sales pitch. He does not even ask. He strikes him blind. He chooses Saul. What Saul wanted had nothing to do with the matter. The Kingdom of God is not a democracy. I will show him how much he must suffer for me name. Don’t even bother asking about a pension and a benefits package.

The New Testament attitude toward suffering and calling is so radically out of line with my own.


One thought on “Suffer for the name #LukeActs2014

  1. When I was younger I was naive about the ministry. But I wasn’t ignorant. I knew there would be some sense of “suffering” involved in being called to the ministry. I guess I just didn’t expect the “suffering” to come from the places it came. It came from the church folks at times. It came hard from the very leaders I trusted to help me in this path of ministry. It came at not just me but my wife and kids. They have all “suffered” most from the people I trusted most. I’m not sure that’s what is meant in Acts. It seems that the “suffering” was going to come from the outside, not the inside. That’s what we should be telling young clergy as they prepare for ministry in Jesus’ name: the suffering will come from the inside, from those who ask you to trust them with your life, your career, your family.

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