What Christians think about sex

University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus reports on the attitudes of several groups regarding various sexual norms. The survey includes categories for church-going (at least 3 times a month) Christians who support same-sex marriage and those who do not.

The findings are interesting.

It is worth reading Regnerus’ entire article as he is careful not to overstate the interpretation of his data and cautions against some easy mistakes we might make in reading the numbers above.

5 thoughts on “What Christians think about sex

  1. I found this review of the author in the next email after yours and have concluded that rather than reading and considering truthful anything Mark Regenus writes, I would do better to pray for his immortal soul.

    1. He does seem to have attracted a lot of criticism from those who do not like his conclusions. That seems to happen on all sides all the time. But whether he has ever published anything that other scholars disputed or not seems to me to be beside the point when we read a simple chart of findings from a national survey.

      I would look at the research methods of this particular study and try to decide for yourself whether the data is flawed or not.

      The real question here is whether the survey was done well, whether the questions are valid, and whether the data tells us anything. We can examine the results without regard to whether we think he is a good man.

  2. Any scholar in the academy who reaches conclusions embarrassing to the gay agenda will be slandered and vilified. The survey does not discover anything new.

  3. This post reminds me of a commentary that followed the announcement by a Univ. of Missouri football player that he was gay. He was widely praised for his “courage” in making this disclosure—media personalities, Hollywood stars, various elites, even President Obama publically commented on this. Yet, as the commentator suggested, is it really an act of courage when whatever you do is praised and applauded by the leading lights of society? Almost no one attacked his personality, or said that he was biased in his research, or offered to pray for his immortal soul. It seems to me that Mr. Regnerus however is showing real courage here and deserves our praise for that.

    As for the football player, whether he has gay inclinations or not is not my business or care. I hope that my own sexual attractions are not of interest to him either. If he sins by acting on these inclinations however I will pray for him as I hope he will for me as I go, unhappily, about my sinning ways as well.

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