Mark Tooley against schism

I’ll admit I would not have called this one.

Mark Tooley: Why I’m Against United Methodist Schism


5 thoughts on “Mark Tooley against schism

  1. Some people THRIVE and earn a living by articulating their discontent–a major obstacle to peace in the institutional church. Of course Tooley is against schism, he would not have a job if there was nothing to gripe about.

  2. It always saddens me the number of people who cynically believe that activists of any kind are in it ‘for the money.’ We owe it to one another not to engage in what the Bible calls back-biting–with our friends and fellow-travelers, as well as our opponents.

  3. Caveats aside, I think Mark Tooley has provided a credible quick study of our present dilemma. I’m not offended that he does this kind of analysis; in fact, I would argue that, ironically, we rely on sharpies like Tooley (and John Meunier, as well) to “line out” the music for us, since most of us don’t have the same journalistic access to the inside game (if there is one). We are all at liberty to reject the assessments put forth, but we need these rockabilly summaries to speed up the conversation and provide focus.

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