Arnold & Watson: 7 modest proposals

David Watson writes about seven “modest proposals” for a way forward in the United Methodist Church. He and Bill Arnold assembled these ideas with the goal of shoring up our fraying polity. They provide an open door for congregations that wish to leave the denomination along with tighter accountability in some places where it has proved elusive in recent years. Watson argues that one virtue of their proposals is that they do not require constitutional amendments to pass.

Of course, they do require General Conference action.

Watson invites conversation and critique at his blog.


5 thoughts on “Arnold & Watson: 7 modest proposals

  1. Probably my least favorite proposal so far. It does nothing but legislate progressives out of our church home and replicates the failed Good News agenda of 2012.

    1. Funny, I read the same proposal and thought of it as an exit point for conservatives! I guess it depends on whether or not your particular ox is being gored as to how it can be taken. Maybe the fact that this can be seen in both contexts is significant?

      1. Watson makes it clear in a comment that they made these proposals with those engaging in ecclesial disobedience (i.e. progressives) in mind. They are not considering this a way for conservatives to leave.

        1. That’s exactly as it should be. Traditional UMs have not initiated ecclesial disobedience to impose change across the church. Sure, they have pleaded, scolded and kvetched…but most of the time spoken softly without the stick in hand. They believe in the “connectional system,” checks and balances, and conferencing by which change occurs (if it does) through lawful means (not at any price).

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