Thank you, Allan Bevere

One of the bloggers who got me into blogging announced he is shutting up shop today.

Modern liberals and conservatives continue to control the discussion. Those of us who think otherwise are marginalized because we refuse to accept the power and influence of those who are members of the loony left and the wacky right.

So it is time to close down my blog and leave the discussion to those who somehow think God’s kingdom is embodied in conservatives and liberals who believe their views mean more than the gospel.

May God bless all of you.

Allan Bevere might fairly be credited with being the forerunner of the Methoblog. I recall the happiness I had when I got my first blog post listed on his list of weekly blog posts of interest.

He has been a consistently interesting and faithful voice in the Methoblogosphere. Thank you, Allan, for everything.

Grace and peace.


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