Was Wesley’s baptism invalid?

A baptist explains why he accepts infant baptism as valid.

I recognize that paedobaptism has been the practice of the overwhelming majority of Christians throughout most of church history. This includes the practice of the Protestant Reformers to which I owe a great theological and spiritual debt. I humbly recognize that I could be wrong about paedobaptism (and the conclusion that the great majority of Christians through history were never really baptized), and for this reason I am hesitant to insist upon my position on baptism as a grounds of church fellowship.

An interesting argument given the attraction that believer’s baptism has from some Methodists these days.


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  1. I confirmed the promises my parents made for me as a 6 month old infant in 1958 when I was 12. I confirmed my baptism then in the service of Confirmation in the newly minted (1957) United Church of Christ..

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