What is your Egypt?

“What is Egypt to you?”

I heard this question today. The immediate context was one man asking another what he meant when he said he had to walk all the way to Egypt to get to the meeting both men were at.

The question got me thinking about the Bible.

What is Egypt for you?

Yahweh heard the cries of his people Israel in their suffering and bondage in Egypt and came to set them free. It was not a painless liberation. It was terrifying, but it was liberation just the same.

So, what is your Egypt?

John Wesley’s Egypt was the striving for holiness by the exertion of his own will. Or, at least, I think that is a defensible claim. Aldersgate was his Exodus, when he came to know that Jesus Christ loved him and died for him that he might be free of guilt and power of sin. “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” is the Wesleyan version of the Song of Moses on the far banks of the Red Sea.

The promise of Scripture is that God liberates us from Egypt. So I am invited tonight to contemplate my Egypt and the savior who stands ready to lead me to a land of milk and honey far across the sea.

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