Salvation in Wesleyan tradition

2 thoughts on “Salvation in Wesleyan tradition

  1. John,
    The video is interesting for a number of reasons, not the least of which is a kind of popular apologetic for Wesleyan thinking that I haven’t seen. Theologians argue, but I dont see much that is aimed at newbies that is distinctly Wesleyan.

    That said, his caricature of Calvinism is pretty misleading. No Calvinist would actually say it that way. The analogy might be better if he said that god simply didn’t ask…but simply came and took a person by the hand and led them to the floor to dance. Then the person learns to dance well as the song goes on.

    I also struggle with anything that makes God a romance partner. It just isn’t a image that makes much sense to me theologically, even the bride and groom image does make sense to me. Of course, in the first century weddings were not particularly romantic affairs.

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