Ode to the parish church

A testimony from a member of the House of Lords about the parish churches in the Church of England. Toward the end, I found myself wondering if part of our legacy as United Methodists comes from the fact that we still imagine ourselves to be America’s establishment church.

When I first started going to a Church of England church, I likewise assumed that its members did not believe things very strongly. I then realised that they actually do—just not in the same things. That is actually really important; it is an aspect of the Church of England that tells us quite a lot about its history.

Read the rest of Baroness Sherlock’s thoughts on this state of affairs here.


2 thoughts on “Ode to the parish church

  1. This is a delightful read. The only thing missing is Jesus. Still it makes me think about the positive role the church can play in a community. SHOULD the UMC grow in maturity to become like the Church of England? That is a new idea for me.

  2. If the English Church is to be envied, envy it first of all for language, preserving the English tongue through the old divines (like Donne and Davanant). But whatever else we admire of it, be sure to take into account some of its critical allies, such as Peter Hitchens (yes, brother of the late-Christopher “Hitch” Hitchens).

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