Why live under scripture

NT Wright from a post The Problem with Biblical Authority:

Why would we even want to mention biblical authority? Why not say, “We live under Jesus’s authority,” and leave it at that? Wouldn’t that be the biblical thing to do? Well, yes, but as centuries of history demonstrate, the Bible is the God-given means through which we know who Jesus is. Take the Bible away, diminish it or water it down, and you are free to invent a Jesus just a little bit different from the Jesus who is hidden in the Old Testament and revealed in the New. We live under scripture because that is the way we live under the authority of God that has been vested in Jesus the Messiah, the Lord.

On a related note, here is a story with a chart about what people say about the Bible.


One thought on “Why live under scripture

  1. As my progressive friends are quick to point out, no one stones their kids to death for being disrespectful (Deut. 21:18-21). So, at some point, everyone realizes that we are not to take every single word of scripture literally. No one I know is so serious about holiness that they would kill their child in order to drive evil out from the community.

    This does raise to question of when do we embrace scripture and when does God expect us to ignore it. In my experience, people of all theological persuasions have a tendency to pick and choose which scriptures hold a place of primacy and which fall into the background. For instance, my same progressive friends will hold high prophetic statements about caring for the poor. On the other hand, they will ignore verses from the same prophets about not worshipping other gods because we need to be inclusive and respectful of people of other faiths. Evangelicals are guilty of the same thing. Many evangelical churches I’ve been with will work hard to save souls, but ignore the poverty right around the corner.

    I try not to judge people who seem to have a “cannon with the cannon” because I know I have mine. That said, I am trying to expand my understanding of God’s Word and grow in God’s grace. I strive to let scripture shape who I am and maybe one day God will answer the questions I have regarding the things I’ve misunderstood.

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