A time to rend, and a time to sew

A group of 80 United Methodists has declared that we are a church in schism and now it is time to figure out how to manage the separation.

Are we not at a point where we can acknowledge, after years of dialogue and debate, the depth of our differences and together, progressives and traditionalists, give each other the freedom to pursue our understanding of God’s will? Can we not learn from the pain that other mainline denominations have experienced and find a way forward that honors Wesley’s rule that we do no harm? A way where there are no winners and losers, but simply brothers and sisters who part ways amicably, able to wish each other well?

Maxie Dunnam — one of the 80 — offers his own reflection on the announcement on his Facebook page:

I’m not aware of any place where the names of the 80 United Methodists are published. I’m not sure why the list is not public. If you know the list, I’d be interested in sharing it here.


10 thoughts on “A time to rend, and a time to sew

  1. In any local church, threats by anonymous members would be ignored. Until this group makes themselves known, I believe their comments should be treated the same.

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