Law, pardon, law

John Wesley in his June 1742 journal recounts a question from a woman that caught him by surprise. She asked:

Ought not a Minister of Christ to do three things: First, To preach his Law, in order to convince of sin; Then, To offer free pardon, through faith in his blood, to all convinced sinners; And, in the Third place, To preach his Law again, as a rule for those that believe? I think, if one does otherwise, he is no true Minister of Christ. He divides what God has joined, and cannot be said to preach the whole Gospel.

Wesley’s surprise, I assume, was that she asked one of those questions that completely confirmed what he believed and practiced.


2 thoughts on “Law, pardon, law

    1. We need Wesley NOW. Indeed, we need voices like your own, bold, on point, clean of euphemism and dissimulation. Orthodox scholars must rise up now to overthrow the new heretics, the hegemenikons plotting to establish their moral novelties as reigning “orthodoxy” in the United Methodist Church. As Torrance cites of early Christianity, “heretics took advantage of the open range of faith to obtrude their own presumptuous ideas into the knowledge of God.” (T.F.Torrance, The Trinitarian Faith, page 43)

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