What’s wrong with John Piper?

Here’s a robust critique of John Piper’s Calvinism by an Arminian philosopher. It is a bit of tough sledding in places, but might be helpful for those trying to understand how Wesleyan/Arminian theology differs from the kinds of things being preached by the energetic Calvinists in the American church.

I found this thought helpful: What God truly values most — the reason he would allow some to be damned — is true loving relationship with us. Freedom is only valuable because it is necessary for genuine love.

Another point: God is the one who saves us. He does all the work. We merely assent and get out of the way and cooperate with his grace.

Another point: All it takes to be damned is to persist in rejecting God and refusing grace. We damn ourselves.

And finally: Wrath is not an essential attribute of God. … Wrath is only displayed in the event that there is evil. If there were no evil, there would never have to be any wrath. Wrath is the response of holy love to the presence of evil.

His last word: All you Wesleyans out there listening, get out there and be more active!


5 thoughts on “What’s wrong with John Piper?

  1. I’ve grown to really appreciate Piper. Though i may not agree with him on everything, his love for and submission to Gods word is compelling and makes me want to be a better preacher and student of scripture.

  2. He’s a fundamentalist. That’s what’s wrong with him. But at least he’s honest about his thoughts and theology. Biblicism and Christianity are not the same thing.

  3. I think it’s pretty brazen for any United Methodist to criticize Piper or anyone else for that matter. #planksandeyes

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