Our affliction as God’s grace

Chad Holtz offers us another frame through which to interpret the current troubles in the United Methodist Church:

As a United Methodist these days it is easy to get swept up in the storm and focus only on the waves, seeing nothing but chaos which leads to despair.   I wonder, though, what would happen if we looked at our present afflictions as God’s mercy, grace, and love?


2 thoughts on “Our affliction as God’s grace

  1. I hope UMC members remember that they are not alone in their “waves of despair”.
    This wave has hit all of Christianity.
    Many denominations are/ have had to make tough decisions concerning the future and their church. Many have risked those pensions, salaries, security and comfort for what they believe is the right path.

    The good news is… new alliances are being made. New bridges are being built. New Schools of Theology are being planned or built. It is not without a cost that is for sure. Afflictions is a good choice of word.

  2. I read Chad’s blog post in its entirety….and I would suggest that everyone do the same. I would not call it merely as “another frame”. I believe it leans much further towards divine revelation. I wonder if the right thing to do would be to stop trying to plug the holes in the sinking ship…..humbly bow down our hearts and minds before God….and listen without speaking….to Him alone. Perhaps then and only then will those who find themselves in a storm will once again turn their eyes to Jesus alone…..and walk upon those waves towards Him.

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