Why do we read the Bible?

Every Sunday, we open up a Bible and read from its pages. Someone then gives a little talk that is grounded in the words read from that Bible.


Why do we read from the Bible in worship?

It is because we believe the Holy Spirit is active in this, yes? The Holy Spirit was active in the writing and collecting of the texts in the Bible. The Holy Spirit works through the hearing and proclaiming of the biblical words. The Bible is a means of grace by which the Holy Spirit works on us and in us to open our eyes, convict us of sin, assure us of salvation, and purify us into holiness.

In other words, we read the Bible in worship because God uses the Bible to save us and reconcile us to himself. In John Wesley’s words, the Bible shows us the way to heaven.

Does that seem like an adequate answer to my own question? How would you answer it?


6 thoughts on “Why do we read the Bible?

  1. I heard an interesting comment the other day.
    The person said, “No one that heard of Jesus questioned the miracles and works that he did. What they questioned and did not believe were the words that he spoke.”

    Bailey points out it is estimated that only (about) 10% of the population could read in Christ day and it was the Apostles work to explain and teach what others did not understand. The method and style Jesus incorporated was uniquely Jewish.

  2. In answer to your question:
    “Why do I read the Bible?”

    Initially a search for truth and to find solid teaching in a community (UMC) torn and divided.
    I read the bible because I truly believe this God we worship has the answers, is the greatest teacher of all and who will someday rule His people in truth, justice and mercy.

    I read the Bible for answers and knowledge. When I read any passage of scripture I am driven to investigate names, places, and things I was not familiar with. Before reading scripture I did not know about Rome or Greece, Nero or Gamaliel. Today I know.
    I read the bible because I have faith in this triune God we worship.
    I believe the testimony of the prophets and Apostles.
    I love God.

  3. When we read from the Bible in worship, the distracting sounds of this world that desperately desire to “capture” our attention and our life go silent. Only God’s voice can be heard in the Bible, so we read it to hear Him. When we read the Bible in worship our eyes our opened, it is as a bright light in the darkness we live, and we see our Savior, our King, our Lord Jesus Christ. We read the Bible in worship to know of the beautiful mercy and grace which fills our Almighty God’s heart towards us. We read the Bible in worship to know the taste of life. We read the Bible in worship because without it we are helpless, hopeless, and dying. Only God’s truth can be found in the Bible, so we read it for the truth….and in the Bible we are given the Truth, the Light, and the Way. Which…..is probably exactly what you wrote.

    1. Yes, unfortunately there are a fair number of people who read the Bible in order to find justification to oppress others ….however only God determines who enters the Kingdom of Heaven and who does not. The world is full of the evil of wanting to “evolve” the Word and only Truth of God to suit their personal desires as though our God was too limited in thought to have divinely inspired the writings of Scripture to suit the world we live in today. Homosexuality is not a social evolution, though I do agree that the Word of God would need to be twisted or misinterpreted or/and altered to “find justification”. I find it to be a cheap attempt of emotional manipulation to tie in an article speaking of the atrocities of the kidnapping of these children with your LGBTQ agenda….or stance (?) . This is not a battle within the Body of Christ….it never has been and never will be. It is a battle between flesh and flesh….failing entirely to acknowledge the powers and principalities the Body wars against. I encourage you to stop attempting to discern the Holy Scriptures from the well of your human intellect and instead study the Word while in the posture of prayer before our God. You will find that the well of human intellect at its deepest is but a drop in the oceans when held up to the wisdom of our God. I encourage you to give up taking a stance against our Almighty God……and instead humble yourself before Him and simply listen…..to Him,

      1. “The United Methodist Church and acknowledge that, taken just by itself without modern eyes, the Bible does affirm slavery, racism, sexism, and dozens of other “isms” that we have deemed unacceptable today.”
        How convenient it would be to just bundle up all the “isms” you can imagine in one tidy package and state that the Bible affirms them….which I am guessing you are attempting to imply that the Bible condones them. The Bible does not specifically condemn or condone the practice of slavery. It gives instructions on how slaves should be treated (Deuteronomy 15:12-15; Ephesians 6:9; Colossians 4:1) Many see this as the Bible condoning all forms of slavery. What many fail to understand is that slavery in biblical times was very different from the slavery that was practiced in the past few centuries in many parts of the world.
        And perhaps the biggest thing you seem unable to understand about the Bible is that the high purpose of the Bible is to point the way to salvation, not to reform society.

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