Rowdy Jesus #LukeActs2014

Some weeks I read the readings for #LukeActs2014 a few verses each day, to reflect carefully and slowly on the text during the whole week.

This morning, I took Luke 18 in one gulp. I’m still a bit dizzy from the head rush.

This is the Jesus that every systematic theologian must find annoying. He is all over the place and dropping parables left and right without bothering to slow down and explain what they mean to we who are following along scraping them up off the ground.

We get the unjust judge with the promise that God’s justice will come and quickly. We get the first sinner’s prayer. We get “you must come to the kingdom as a child.” We get the camel and the needle’s eye. We get the blind man healed. And thrown in the middle we get Jesus preview of his own beating, mocking, and death.

Try not to swallow too hard or it will hurt going down.

I sometimes think when I’m reading the gospels that Jesus running into the temple and throwing over the tables is just a metaphor for pretty much all his ministry. He busts up the joint any time we think we’ve got him safely stowed away in a box or a system. And this goes for all us — traditional, progressive, liberal, conservative, Methodist, Catholic, Anabaptist, or whatever.

However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?


One thought on “Rowdy Jesus #LukeActs2014

  1. “He busts up the joint any time we think we’ve got him safely stowed away in a box or a system.” These words are a summary of some that I have pondered often lately on my knees. We hear about the divisions and all that has created them in our standard Christian denominations and churches. Our “boxes and systems” which began as holy governance and became almost deity like. So often I hear that it is our enemy’s work and hand that has caused the throwing over of tables within the church today.

    I wonder.

    The only words I receive from God that whisper in my heart while on my knees with these questions are……”I am in control of everything”.

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