Did Jesus know what he was doing?

The thing that astounds me about Jesus, as told in this Passion story, is that he keeps putting one foot in front of the other, praying that it’s in the right direction, but not knowing for sure. … While I would never remotely compare myself to Jesus, I do know that I too have to move forward without knowing whether the steps I am taking are in the right or wrong direction.

— Gene Robinson, retired Episcopalian bishop, in an op-ed explaining his second divorce

6 thoughts on “Did Jesus know what he was doing?

  1. The greatest fallacy in his words is the fact that Jesus did not take one single step that was not ordered by God. Jesus ONLY said and did what His Father in Heaven directed. Jesus was entirely dependent upon God the Father in ALL His actions. The Bishop was lead by the flesh and the lust thereof…..how could one so blind walking deeper and deeper into darkness possibly have known where his foot would fall in any step taken. His statement is from the pit of hell ….a perversion of the Word to hide the perversion of his heart.

  2. Vicki Robinson is one of the reasons I left the Episcopal Church and joined The UMC. It cheapens your blog site to post any quotes of his. I am a little disappointed.

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