A child’s testimony

John Wesley reports in his journal of March 18, 1746, on an exchange he had with a child about the state of her faith:

I asked her abruptly, “Do you love God?” She said, “Yes, I do love him with all my heart.” I said, “Why do you love him?” She answered, “Because he has saved me.” I asked, “How has he saved you?” She replied, “He has taken away my sins.” I said, “How do you know that?” She answered, “He told me himself on Saturday, Thy sins are forgiven thee; and I believe him; and I pray to him without a book. I was afraid to die; but now I am not afraid to die; for if I die, I shall go to him.”

Let the children come to me, our Lord said.


One thought on “A child’s testimony

  1. The DIRECT experience of this child is notable…How many adults in today’s UMC can say “He told me…” anything? I can, but I don’t hear many people saying this.

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