Wolves in the sheep fold

My father, a psychologist, told me once that most churches are completely unprepared to spot or cope with predatory pedophiles.

I was reminded of that conversation while reading this powerful and disturbing post by Boz Tchividjian.

One of the many things I have learned in the past 20 years about sex offenders is that they access and target children in a multitude of despicable ways. I have also learned that many offenders within faith communities often use similar methods to perpetrate and silence abuse.  These methods focus on the exploitation of common characteristics of faith communities.

Please read it.


2 thoughts on “Wolves in the sheep fold

  1. I work for the military as a civilian in an air force fighter support squadron. The past year has been an intense and deliberate effort to end sexual abuse and rape within the military community. I have also been spending a lot of time working with public universities and a few high schools to address this same issue. It is heartbreaking work. Reading this post brought so much sorrow and so many tears to my eyes. This particular “wolf” is one of the most difficult to discover….this perpetrator is among the cleverest. I can share with you what seems to be having an impact. It is education. At the base I currently work at we are bringing together ALL of the men and women together and openly speaking about abuse and rape. We are clearly speaking in the presence of both the men and the women that under no circumstances is the victim to blame. No matter how they were dressed, what they said, even if there was some consensual physical contact….when one says no….it means no…..period. I am working with Universities to make it a mandatory class for all incoming freshman their first semester to take….a class about sexual assault and rape and to let everyone know that is being looked for, and to inform each of them there is a safe place for victims to go to in order to report their case. I know this particular post deals with younger kids…..statistically 1 out of every 5 girls who enter college have been raped. Barely a third were ever reported….the biggest reason for not reporting was shame. A false shame that was built on a past of so often blaming the victim for their rape.

    I believe that if every church routinely ….unannounced….put all of the children and teens together in a service with all of the adults and especially the adults in our children and youth ministries, and addressed and spoke to specifically the children and teens in that service with a message about what sexual abuse is….and what they should do if any of those things happened to them….and specifically point out the women leaders in the church they can go to…..the wolves’ would leave that church in fear. The method of the predator is spoken lies……spoken truth can and will defeat all of their lies.

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