Bone-shaking preaching

From John Wesley’s journal Nov. 25, 1744:

I conversed with one who was greatly extolling the comfortable way wherein the Brethren preach. I understood him well. One, who was a believer, falls into carelessness, or willful sin. If he comes to hear our preaching, then we shake all his bones in pieces. If he comes to them, they stroke him, and lull him asleep. O how does any backslider escape this comfortable preaching?



4 thoughts on “Bone-shaking preaching

    1. I do not know. And as someone who is not constitutionally set up to shake bones, I wonder if I should just pretend like I don’t see these kinds of things in Wesley’s writing.

  1. I’ve shaken some bones occasionally. Bone-shaking seems to happen following much prayer and when God seems to take over the preaching from me. Unfortunately, I never learned to control so that it happens routinely on Sunday morning at 11:00 am

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