Neither Passion nor Easter?

None of John Wesley’s published sermons take as their text verses from the passion or resurrection narratives of the gospels.

That struck me as a curious fact, although I confess I do not know whether to make anything out it. It may just mean that he was not a parish priest.


3 thoughts on “Neither Passion nor Easter?

  1. That is an interesting observation, John. Your suspicion about Wesley not being a parish priest makes sense. I know he was following the lectionary by way his daily use of the BCP, but it seems like he was primarily topical in the way that he preached. It would seem to me that following the lectionary via daily readings would make for better topical preaching. It raises an interesting question for me. I, as a rule, avoid topical preaching, but what might the role of topical preaching be for the Methodist pastor who daily prays the Daily Office?

    1. I don’t know how the daily office and topical preaching relate to each other. Certainly deep and regular immersion in the Bible would help avoid some of the pitfalls that topical preaching can stumble into. Or so I would think.

  2. I seem to remember this being addressed in my class with Ken Collins.

    If I remember correctly what was said had something to do with Wesley making his ministry about being a corrective and he spent much time encouraging folks to go to local churches in addition to the Methodist meetings.

    There is much he didn’t address, but the thought was (if memory serves me correctly) he may not have addressed a lot around Christmas and Easter because local parishes were already covering those things well.

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