Progressive Christianity and the loss of a moral center

Chad Holtz and I first crossed virtual paths three years ago when I expressed concern in a blog post over some of the things he was writing and preaching. It has been an interesting journey since then.

umc holiness

At this time three years ago I was somewhat famous.   After writing a blog piece about how I no longer believed in hell I was released by the United Methodist church I was serving as a student pastor.  My incessant blogging on matters which sought to build my public platform completely missed the fact that I had a church full of flesh-and-blood people, real people versus pixel amens, who were loosing faith in their shepherd with every word I typed.

My exit from the church gave me everything I thought I had wanted.  I was invited to do all sorts of radio and TV interviews, was part of a documentary called Hellbound? (don’t ask me if it’s any good, as I haven’t seen it), and got to rub shoulders with all the Christian celebrities I had grown to admire.

Being asked to speak at various Progressive, edgy…

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