Following up on controversial sermon at Boston U chapel

Jeremy Smith provided the following link to the chapel service mentioned in my last :

Marsh Chapel online

Smith wrote this about the service:

It was the day that the Korean Students Association was tasked with being in charge of Wednesday worship. They brought in a guest preacher: Rev. Chongho Kim (Korean Church of Atlanta UMC). He’s a BU Grad.

The sound quality on the video is not great. Smith said the sermon starts at about 20 minutes and the offending parts of the sermon at about 37 minutes. Listening to the early parts of the sermon, it sounds like it is about the pastor’s personal struggle with faith and being a Korean student at Boston a few decades ago. I’ve not had time to listen to the whole thing yet. I did listen to a short bit of the “controversial part” as I had a few minutes. What I hear him saying is that he follows the UMC teaching and cannot take a hard line on either side. He speaks of being pressed by progressives and conservatives to come down more forcefully one way or the other.

I’ve not listened to the whole sermon, but I hope people do take the time to do so before sounding off on it — for or against. What little I heard sounds like a fairly personal and earnest description of one pastor’s journey and theology. If this is to be condemned, then I do not know how anyone can speak seriously of dialogue or coming to understand each other.

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