Experience and theology: Chickens and eggs?

The Christian is defined as a follower of Jesus, and reflection on the experience of following constitutes the central theme of any solid theology. The experience and the reflection alike have for their subject a community that under the movement of the Spirit focuses its life on the proclamation of the good news: The Lord is risen! Death and injustice are not the final word of history. Christianity is a message of life, a message based on the gratuitous love of the Father for us.

— Gustavo Gutiérriez, We Drink from Our Own Wells

I had a long post inspired by this quote, but it was muddled and rambled and contradicted itself.

So, I’ll just post the quote and one more from the book:

Every great spirituality begins with the attainment of a certain level of experience. Then follows reflection on this experience, thus making it possible to propose it to the Christian community as a way of following Christ.

Does this ring true to you?

What is the experience of following Jesus that has given rise to the spirituality known as United Methodism?


One thought on “Experience and theology: Chickens and eggs?

  1. Too often the proffering of Christian experience resembles just another PUSH on the self-help menu plan. “Results will vary…” Well, you know the drill. The prescriptions, regimens and positive feedback loops are endless. But in each case, YOU are in charge of your own resurrection or transformation or ascension. But Jesus said that “without being born from above,” you will not see the kingdom of God: “You must be born from above.”

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