Why the Bible is inspired

As sacred canon (or authoritative standard) for the church, we believe the Bible is not primarily inspired for us to know things (epistemology). We learn quite a lot from the Bible, of course. But this is not its primary function in and for the church. Instead, the Bible is inspired and given by God to the church in order for Christians to know God through personal and corporate salvation (soteriology).

— Bill Arnold, “A Response to Adam Hamilton’s 3 Buckets Approach to Scripture


2 thoughts on “Why the Bible is inspired

  1. This has been an interesting discussion in my mind recently. I think we all could learn something from the Reformed folks. The Bible is not primarily for edification. It is not primarily to know God for salvation. It IS God’s word about God primarily for the glory of God. The Bible is not FOR us, it is for God. God speaks not so we can be saved but so He can be glorified. We are saved so that He is glorified. God created us so that He is glorified. It’s all about God and for God and through God we can live in a new life in Jesus Christ so that we can give glory to God.

    1. I’m not familiar enough with Reformed theology regarding the Bible. What is the basis of this doctrine?

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