Fasting Lessons

Christian Girl at College

From sundown on Sunday until sundown yesterday (Monday), I fasted as a spiritual discipline for Lent. It was a surprising experience, one which I will repeat on every Monday of Lent. It was difficult, but not in the way that I expected. There was also an unanticipated joy. Here are a few of my reflections.

1) Hunger as reminder

Once or twice an hour yesterday, there would be an unpleasant pang of hunger in my stomach. However, those pangs came to represent moments of peace and strength. Whenever I felt weak, I was reminded why I was fasting: to honor God. It’s so easy amidst deadlines and meetings and Facebook for God to slip from our thoughts altogether, only to be remembered when we say our prayers at night. Hunger served as my constant reminder to keep God at the front of my mind. My very body became a devotion to God.

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